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Food + Lifestyle Photography

Eye-catching images are a clever way to ensure a brilliant first impression for your brand. As the world has moved to more visual media, with social channels filled with stunning photos, captivating content has become an essential for all businesses.

As the saying goes, we eat with our eyes. Therefore capturing the essence and beauty of a menu is a brilliant way to give your audience a small taste of what you offer. 


From cafe + restaurant photography, to in studio product photography, we cater for all based food + beverage brands, seeking original, delectable content.

Package One  |  $800 AUD

2 Hours Photography + 4 Hours Editing

  • 50 High Resolution Edited Images


Package Two  |  $1,125 AUD

4 Hours Photography + 6 Hours Editing


  • 75 High Resolution Edited Images


Package Three  |  $1,400 AUD 

6 Hours Photography + Full Day Editing


  • 100 High Resolution Edited Images

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